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Kevin Savage, President & COO
Pat Blandford, Vice President of Purchasing, Hospitality, & Travel Accommodations, Office Physical Fitness Coordinator, Trade Show Product Model/ Representative, Company Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, "Master of the Obvious", & Graduate of Centre College of Kentucky ("That's Between Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky University")
Lonn Passon, Vice-President of Office Operations, Print Design & Web Layout Specialist, Website Picture Lay-Out Coordinator, Digital Camera Operations Chief, & Supply Chain Coordinator
Tim Hood, Customer Service Rep Level 1, Master Scanning Specialist, Fed-Ex Account Supervisor, Robo-Call Rater, & "Ray of Sunshine" Award Winner 10 Years in a Row and Counting...
Donovan Phillips- Shipping Coordinator, Scan Specialist, Digital Camera Operator, Order Processing Specialist, & Customer Service Rep Level 1


Stanley Root The 4th (IV)- "Better Than the Other 3", Order Processing Specialist, Scanning Specialist Level 3, Northern Iowa Office Branch Manager


Dillon Esper- Order Pulling & Processing Specialist, Scanning Advanced Tech, Ear Bud Aficionado (What?)


Caleb Root The 1st- "Best of None Other", Order Processing Genie, Scanning Specialist Rookie Level, Card Sorter Specializing in Basketball & Football


Wes Heyward- Order Processing Specialist, Scanning Specialist Rookie Level, Card Sorter Supreme, Album Engineering Specialist Entry Level